Yup, still here

POSTED January 14, 2019

Damnit, I can’t sleep! It is 2 a.m. monday morning, I have a toothache, and I am off to work in four hours 🙁 So why not release my latest track “Død Over Duploklods” (Death to the Duplo Brick) instead of tossing and turning…

I have experimented with MilkyTracker for a while now, and this track is the first one I made with it. I did several revisions, but this final one got completed in 3 or 4 days – so enjoy, and turn up the seabass! 😀

It’s not like I don’t like my trusty ol’ Miggy anymore, just love to try new stuff. But there’s actually three other reasons as well: First of all – headroom. I might just be imaging this, but the sound on the Amiga is 8 bit (=256 possible amplitude values), and it’s like there’s not always enough “air” for some of the sounds. Yeah, I know we’re only dealing with 4 channels, but my type of music is loud and noisy, and certain elements tend to drown in the mix. With MilkyTracker, I can use 16 bit samples (=65536 amplitude values), and fine-tune the levels a bit more accurately. I still use gritty sounds and the usual techniques to get that old school sound, so don’t worry – you will still be listening to the same old shit, heh…

Secondly – channels. I still think it’s fun and challenging to be creative with limited resources like 3 or 4 channels, or restrictions of sample sizes, but it can kill creativity too if you just can’t get that one bloody pattern to sound like you intended. And I’m more interested in getting the song to progress than to fiddle for an hour with a single pattern.

And lastly: The workflow in MilkyTracker is in my opinion faster than in ProTracker, and exporting the final track is also way easier. On the Amiga, I have tried both recording directly to the PC’s line input, via a digital audio recorder, and using XMPlay to export single tracks. But I either get annoying background noise or a flat, dull sound that takes forever to EQ.

So … I might still use the Amiga from time to time, but there’s a new kid in town 🙂